Record DML 320 Lathe & Kit

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20 Jan 2020
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Merthyr Tydfil
Hi all.
I have just joined the Forum.
I have aways been interested in wood turning and after a little research have been thinking of getting a Record DML 320.
I know of someone selling one bought from new with only a few hours use including a few Record Chucks, a load of high quality tools, Pen making mandrel, Pusher kit, Record tool sharpen kit, a remote controlled dust extraction machine and other bits and bobs.
First question... is this what I should be looking for and if yes how much should I offer.
It belongs to a retired neighbour who because of health issues is unable to use it.


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29 May 2018
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Stortford, Herts, UK
I'm no expert, but the lathe on it's own is £599 new. If there's a stand, that's another £125. The chucks will be £100 each plus the tools. If you're talking about a 6" grinder, that's another £70. I guess it's a situation where you can name your price, but as it's all new £6-700+ would be a at the lower end offer price.

Then there's the dust extraction... That's another £100 for their smaller unit. Maybe you should offer £800?

If this is the lathe you're wanting you may want to offer a fair bit more depending on the tools and number of chucks etc. This looks like a great set up to me.
You don't want to over- do it, but at the same time, you don't want them to feel cheated.