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Record 405


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For Sale: Record 405 Multiplane with all accessories

Wed 5th Jun '24​

Advert ID: 43685

Tools & Parts (Small tooling)
Old Stock (New but storage spoil)

This is a Record 405 Multiplane in its original fitted case with all the cutters originally supplied (23) but also with almost every additional cutter and specialist base ever supplied by Record. These include sash cutters, fluting and beading cutters in all the sizes, ovolo cutters and reeding cutters. Also included are the nosing tool,
and No 6 and 8 rounding and hollow bases and cutters and No 10 and 12 rounding bases and cutters. (The No 10 and 12 hollow bases were not in stock when my friend ordered them all).
As far as I can see, nothing has ever been used so the condition is great (there are some storage marks ).
Multiplanes come along from time to time but I've never seen one advertised with this range of accessories.
Happy to provide further details or photos. Postage at cost but would prefer collection. Price ONO

Price: £500.00
Collection, Courier/Delivery or Royal Mail