Quality LED cabinet lighting?


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28 Aug 2016
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I have made a couple of built in cupboards for a customer, the cupboards have doors on but the panels are an open brass grille which you can see through so the cupboards are for displaying things really.

They want to put some LED tape type lighting in, it will be stuck on the back of the face frame so you won't see it, all the wiring is in place.

There seems to be loads of cheap stuff available on Amazon etc but he likes quality stuff and doesn't mind spending a bit more on something decent that looks nice and will last.

Just wondered what brands people use who do this regularly? My electrician suggested Ansell, I wondered what Hafele were like for cabinet lighting?

Any experience appreciated.

Thanks, Doug


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26 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
I renewed the lighting under our kitchen cabinets with LED tape bought from City Electrical Factors. They're a national chain.
I was able to choose the colour tint I wanted (warm white), get with or without a silicon coating (to protect against steam from the kettle), and they had various sizes of power supply plus the slim aluminium extrusion that makes for a nicer install than just stuck on a surface.
I found it easy to use and looks great. Very neat.
You won't need the waterproof coated stuff for your application.

I bought a little extra and that's made it's way out into the workshop where it runs off a spare 12V plugtop power supply.
I want to put some in the cupboard built into my metal lathe. That's a black hole and some light would make it much easier to find stuff.