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Pull-out cupboard mechanism - FTAGH - now gone


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1 Jul 2015
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No takers so taken to the tip today (less the door and metal that I can reuse). (12 September).

I have just removed a redundant pull-out kitchen cupboard from my garage. Since it transferred there from the kitchen it has had little use and the mechanism and door are old but in good condition. The body of the cupboard did not survive the extraction and is off to the tip, but someone may be able to use the sturdy mechanism and the door. The bearings for carrying the sliding unit seem fine.

The door is 300 x 1800 mm, beech frame Shaker style, which is sound but needs refinishing. The internal panels could be replaced by anything using beading at the back. The original depth of the cupboard was 570 mm. I also have (not shown) the internal wire/rod shelf support framework and the five "shelves" actually 3 trays and 2 baskets.

Collection only (Warwick) and I'd like to move this quickly though could hang on to it for a bit if someone definitely wants it and is passing nearby later. No charge.

This plus the wire frames and baskets/trays is what's on offer:
Boley3L - 3 (4).jpg

This is how the door fitted:
Boley3L - 1 (6).jpg

Detail of the fixing at the top:
Boley3L - 2 (3).jpg