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For Sale PSI Woodworking CSCPENCHK2


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Grumpy Old Git
21 Oct 2017
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Large PSI Woodworking CSCPENCHK2
Hardly used looks brand new,

Drill a perfectly centred hole in your pen blank or bottle stopper blank directly on your lathe
Thread chuck onto your lathe's headstock spindle; Mount a drill bit in a drill chuck in your lathe's tailstock; Advance drill bit into blank while lathe is spinning
Chuck is pre-threaded to 1" x 8tpi; Weighs 2. 35 lbs; Diameter 3. 25"; Includes (2) tightening levers to open and close the chuck jaws
Reversible jaws on chuck will secure blanks up to 2. 5" square x 5" long
Use the standard jaw position to drill from 1/4" to 1. 5". Reverse the jaws to drill from 1. 5" to 2. 5"

£95 with collection from Dronfield (S18 Postcode)

Sorry entered wrong price should be £80

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