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Provisionally SOLD Axminster Morticer/bench drill AW16BM


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Eric The Viking

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19 Jan 2010
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Bristle, CUBA (the County that Used to Be Avon)
(Click the image to see the album on Flickr; scroll down on this page for details and price)
This is the older version of Axminster's 2-axis, hobby morticer.

NOW PRICE REDUCED: I want £200. I can't go any lower than this - it's worth more to me to keep (apart from spouse pressure to rationalize!).

Cash on collection from BS9: sorry, I won't ship it (it weighs more than 42kg!) but you can try it out here if you want, before deciding.

A new-spec one is presently £295, but I am including about £150-worth of accessories, so it's ready to go on carcase work and even house-sized doors (with care!).

It has a complete set of accessories:
  • Set of three chisels and augers in a box 1/4", 3/8" 1/2" TiN-plated. 1/4" and 1/2" are not used apart from a test of the 1/2" one. The metric equivalents are around £67 new from Axminster #947751 (but the new ones are prob. better quality).
  • Extra 3/8" chisel+Japanese-pattern auger well used but very sharp. The Japanese pattern auger seems to work better than the European ones in the TiN set.
  • Sharpening kit with diamond plate. Wicked sharpness can be yours! (now £51 from Axminster, #700173).
  • Drill adaptor (£25 from Axminster, #400287). This is also well used (well-useful, innit!), the chuck scroll is worn - still good for general jobs, but a new one would probably be more precise.
  • Riser block kit (£8.50 from Axminster #950175). Useful for deep stock, but awkward to fit single-handed.
  • The correct, extra-length chuck key for the auger chuck (also fits the drill chuck)
  • A set of Allen keys for the various sizes on the machine (I have replaced the Bristol levers with stainless Allen bolts for the adjustments)
  • Setup tool from HM Royal Mint, complete with retention system (£0.02, widely available). Fishing line available separately.
It is complete (yes, I still have the manual). It's been fettled & works really well (used up to 1/2" in softwood).

There is slight surface rust on some components, but nothing serious (see the pics). All slideways, gib strips, etc. are well greased/oiled and rust free. It's also pretty clean and the gas strut is fine!

Note: The yellow/brown staining on the paintwork (in the pictures) is NOT rust! It's remnants of the heavy grease it was covered in for shipping. As I said, inspect thoroughly and try before you buy - you'll see what I mean.

I have made a casement, entire window frames and outdoor furniture with this, and I think it's brilliant. The two-axis table makes precise alignment very easy, and coupled with a bandsaw tenon cutting depth stop, the M+T task becomes fast and relatively easy.

If it doesn't sell here, it will be advertised locally. I won't be putting it on eBay, but there are a couple there now if you want to compare value...