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Possible tip-off for stopping your stones freezing


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4 Sep 2005
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Miles away - totally impractical...
I've just bought some wet stones and, following the advice on numerous threads, bought a container to keep the 800 grit submerged. The threads also mentioned the risk of freezing which got me thinking...

Each winter I place a polystyrene box used when fish are transported to aquarium shops upside down on my pond. This keeps a patch of pond surface ice free allowing gases to escape (via a hole that I've made in the poly box). Works just fine.

Therefore, I'm thinking that one of the same boxes, this time complete with lid and without the hole, could be used in the workshop for stones and anything else that needs to be kept safe from the extremes of the cold.

Aquarium shops don't normally make them available for sale; however, if you ask they'll normally part with them for a few quid.

In the summer, they also make excellent drinks coolers for BBQ's...