Poor man's sliding table


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1 Jul 2015
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be interesting to see if you actually use the horizontal t track. I think it would be fine with just the vertical tracks, and makes the build a lot easier.

You also can't really compare it to a sled as you get support and zero clearance both sides. But it does look very useful to have also. Think I'll try one with just the vertical t track

This (two sides) is a disadvantage actually, since any imperfection in the parallelism of the two side slots means that the locating strips "fight" over which one to use. The best accuracy is to make one side of one slot as straight as possible, then have the locating strip press against that side (by the design of the strip - some commercial ones do this with side adjusters.

You can make it zero clearance both sides by having a separate sled locating in the other slot, cutting it on the saw, and leaving it static (no fence).