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6 Nov 2005
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Perform CCBB Bandsaw review.

Having owned this bandsaw for 3 years I thought I would post a brief review of this machine. I have decided to limit my thoughts to the aspects of this machine that I find good and those that I think could be improved upon. I would also like to state that although I have owned this saw for some 3 years it has had less than average use and my maximum resaw has been 5”, cutting maple and walnut.
It must be stated that this is an entry level saw and probably the cheapest bandsaw of this size currently available in the UK market.

The good points:

1. Nice substantial cast iron table but will need serious ‘elbow grease’ to achieve that frictionless finish.
2. Comes with adequate stand
3. Fully adjustable bottom wheel, allows co-planar tracking
4. Motor seems adequate, although I’ve never used it to full resaw capacity.
5. Straight cutting guide is well made.

The not so good:

1. Upper roller bearing guides were out of alignment in relation to the plane of the blade. This was an easy fix, disassembled the cast aluminium guide and a quick file of one of the surfaces rectified the problem.
2. The Upper bearing guides themselves are cheap and poorly made with side to side play even from new. I ditched the bearings in favour of pre soaked hardwood dowels. I also replaced the supplied lower metal dowel guides with hardwood. This proved to give much better blade support.
3. The machines main bearings are now on their way out and I can hear the tick, tick sound of worn bearings, a little premature given the fact that it’s had light use (yes, I do release blade tension!). Superior bearings can be had from a specialist supplier and would cost in the region of £18 for a complete set.
4. Adjustment of upper guides is by a spanner, lower guides by cross head screwdriver. Perhaps one tool for both would have been more user friendly.


Given the cost and providing the user understands that this saw has a ‘hobby’ rating, I think it represents excellent value for money. At this price you should not expect some of the features found on more expensive bandsaws, I’m afraid quick blade tension release would probably be asking a little too much at this price point.
The example I received did not work that well ‘out of the box’ but having switched to hardwood guides, set it up for co-planar tracking and replaced the supplied blade it is more than adequate for my light duty use.


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30 Jul 2004
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Welcome to the forum, and a very good review. Thanks very much.



Chris Knight

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14 Jan 2004
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SE London - NW Kent
Welcome! And thanks for the useful review. Small inexpensive bandsaws are capable of so much more than small inexpensive tablesaws it is a pity more folk don't make them their first machinery purchase.