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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
Reminds me of the wonderful story (urban myth maybe) of the guy who was so incensed with his banks' call centre and being on-hold for ever that he engineered for his bank manager to call him at a set time..give or take.

When the call came in the guy started off by saying

"Thank you for calling, Mike Smith. He's not in right now but if you'd like to leave a message please press '1' on your keypad now"

The bank manager duly pressed a "1"

After a short pause, the guy then said "Thank you for leaving a message. Press "1" if it is to do with Mike Smith's business, press "2" if it is to do with his charity work" and so on. You get the picture :twisted:

As the story goes he had the bank manager on the line punching buttons for a good few minutes until he finally came clean and said to the manager " you know what it's like trying to speak to yourdamn callc entre".

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