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Pat on the Back for Robert Sorby Customer Care:


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31 Dec 2004
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Cotswolds UK
Spoke to Robert Sorby representative (Paul Richmond?) at the Stoneleigh show on Sunday re: problem with 'Sandmaster' Shear Sanding Tool.

He did not have spares at show so requested a ‘phone call on Monday to request same.

Package duly arrived Tuesday morning, unfortunately somewhere in my description of required bit, things went astray, and the wrong items were enclosed.

Another ‘phone call on Tuesday to say ‘thank-you’ but afraid there is a problem, resulted in another package arriving Wednesday morning, this time not only including the spare I needed but the whole sub-assembly AND the attached parts. (Presume the bit I wanted was not available and time being of the essence they took the easiest option)

All in all the retail cost of the spares supplied must be in the order of £15.00 and all gratis to me.

So thank you Robert Sorby, you have earned yourselves a returning customer.