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Parts Diagram for Kity 367


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Fergie 307

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28 Dec 2019
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Sandy Bedfordshire
I would go for steel. What are the ones at the other end? Easiest way to attach them neatly would be to machine them with a collar coming up flush to the table and hard solder or braze them in place, but if you make the diameter under the table a decent size then some decent mig tacks would be just as effective, just depends what kit you have. If you can't find nuts then look on e bay at Harrison feed nut. There is a guy on there who makes them bespoke, as you have to really for a precision lathe. I am sure if you sent him one of the rods and some dimensions for your inserts he would be able to make them for you. But assuming they are a Standard metric size then you should be able to get hold of threaded sleeves or nuts, from which you could turn up your inserts, or they might even have something close on the shelf.

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