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Painting panelling advice please


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28 Aug 2016
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Just finished some floor to ceiling panelling in the living room, it's not proper panelling but mouldings etc stuck to the walls to give the effect. To get the look I want the coving, panelling (walls), skirting, doors, shutters, in fact everything apart from floor and ceiling will be painted the same drab grey colour.

Just realised I have not really thought this through, I was just about to order some emulsion for the walls but realised I probably need to do the walls with some kind of eggshell paint like I will be using on the skirting etc to get the look of a panelled room?

Anyone out there who does a lot of panelling is this what you do or can I get some emulsion for the walls that has the same sheen as say an eggshell that I will use on the doors?

Thanks in advance, Doug

AJB Temple

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13 Oct 2015
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Tunbridge Wells
I am doing a very similar thing. Spent quite some researching paints and application techniques. Top notch paint is expensive. For various reasons (application, coats, finish) I decided on an oil based emulsion (stuff like Farrow & Ball is water based and requires a lot of coats). There is also more to brushes than meets the eye.

Check out some sites:
https://traditionalpainter.com/fox-pain ... painters#/
https://traditionalpainter.com/battle-f ... aint-brush

There is a lot of info on this site and similar from pro painters working at a high level. Quite a few recommendations for Little Green paints. https://www.littlegreene.com

Better paint that F&B.

You can also get colour matching to LG or F&B colours by getting Johnstones tone matched at Brewers. (They also do trade cash accounts without making a big deal about it).

Jonathan S

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15 Mar 2019
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I generally fit my panelling and mouldings with a undercoat spray finish, then when fitted, caulk up and then a couple of egshells.
On occasions when the panelling is not sprayed I would hit it with a couple of coats of tapa pura.....don't know the english name....its probably sanding sealer, it gives a superb flat base ready for eggshell.

If you do go emulsion route a lacquer on top would give it a stronger finish.


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