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Paint brush recommendations?


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3 Jun 2014
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South Somerset UK
All this talk of painting and brushes reminds me of the shortest employment I ever had .........about 5x hours .
Back in the early 70's I was stuck for work and in desperation took a temporary painting job on new builds with a local painting contractor, a huge 6'6" bear of a man.

First day on the job he handed me a large kettle of emulsion and a huge 6" brush and told me to go paint a sitting room in emulsion. :censored: By lunchtime my arm felt like it had been run over by a train.

My next job was to paint the stair treads and of course being a complete noob I started to paint right across the first few treads and risers ....When he saw what I had done he flew into an almighty rage and that was the end of my shortest job. last I saw was him trying to remove all the paint with turps before it dried :LOL:

I've always used pure bristle Hamiltons myself and some of my brushes are older than some of you lot but brushes ain't what they used to be ..nothing is anymore :(


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13 Nov 2006
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Biddulph staffs
using proper oil based paint I reckon broken in bristle brushes are awesome. the paint just seems to flow offa them. owatrol is also a great call but does require some control and skill.
I like fat hog pure bristle. kana are a cheaper brand. bin brush cleaner removes all the remnants of dry paint up by the ferrule.
I brought a load of load of old brushes all said they were vulcanised but every brush was superb and some only had a bit of bristle left.all made in England to. cost me £3 for about 15

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