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13 Oct 2014
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Bury St Edmunds
The one thing that consistently annoys me about woodworking in this country is the difficulty sourcing timber unless you want basic ply, MDF, or untreated/treated pine.

I'm planning to build a custom deck rail. It will consist of a base rail, a top rail a 10cm space and then an oak handrail to top it off. Between the top rail and base rail will be a panel of welded wire sandwiched between 2 verticals to form a frame (verticals, top rail, base rail). It will look similar to, but not identical, to this.


While I'd love to make the whole thing from oak I have 8 x 1.5m sections to make and having 4x2 or 3x2 sections of oak milled is pricey. So I've settled on staining everything except the oak handrail and having a wood on paint look.

My question is what timber should I use? Treated C24 is most readily available but staining fresh unweathered treated pine often doesn't go well and I really need to stain it before putting it together.

Would untreated Douglas fir under Owatrol solid colour stain hold up? Any thoughts or other suggestions?

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