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Opepe Decking.


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21 Nov 2008
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Hi chaps,thought I would share this with you.

The job I am on at the moment,is to cut in a pair of PVCu (Sigh!)French doors Into a circular ended building. Lots of hidden steel etc but all good fun :lol:

Anyway the brief was that as it is a restaurant entrance,it had to have wheelchair access.
Now this restaurant is on Cromer pier,and the wheelchair ramp had to be made out of decking to try and match in with the pier decking.
Originally I was told that the existing decking was Greenheart,which has stood the test of time with all that the North Sea could throw at it!

Anyways,the reason for the post before you fall asleep,is that I had to use Opepe decking as specified by the Architect and what wonderful timber it is to use,it has a lovely dark honey colour when new and hopefully will turn silver grey after a couple of years.

It cuts,machines and planes up lovely. Just thought I would share that with you all.