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Sold Omega Stubby S750 lathe


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Paul Hannaby

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1 Sep 2011
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Gloucestershire UK
Now Sold

Omega Stubby S750 Lathe.

This is a fantastic machine, hardly used, in excellent condition.

Capacity: in gap- 15” swing (dia 30”) x 16” long, over bed- 8” swing x 39" long.

Spindle: 1 1/2” WIT (6 TPI, same as graduate). Through bored, 2MT. 24 position indexable.

Tailstock: 2MT, through bored, self ejecting, cam locking.

Drive: 240V single phase 1.5kW (2hp). Variable speed, 2 belt ratios. Speed 30-1500, 60-3000. Forward / reverse.

Beds: short, long interchangeable and outrigger. Main bed mount can swivel and slide to extend length between centres or to open up the larger swing over the bed.

Tool rests: Both LH and RH banjos, 2x T rests- 6” & 12”.

Accessories: 4” Axminster super precision chuck inc jaws. 3x faces plates, spindle spanners, drive centre and revolving centre. Floor standing cabinet.

Weight: HEAVY! The lathe is 270kg + other accessories and cabinet ~300kg all together. Can be dismantled for transporting.

Specs for the lathe on the Omega website


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