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Old or new planer thicknesser


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Halo Jones

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2 Aug 2010
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Fife, Scotland
Firstly - apologies for double posting this as I also put this in the general woodworking board (If the mods want to delete that one please feel free)


I have a chance at a 2nd hand elu EPT1151 planer thicknesser which seems to be the predecessor of the dewalt 733s for about £150. Trouble is that it has no fence or dust extractor hoods with it. A new fence is still available to buy for about £35 but I cannot seem to find a replacement extraction hood.

My main worry is space but do I pass up a decent 10" planer thicknesser for the same price as a 6 or 8" one :?
The years warranty on a new machine also appeals but if this P/T is like my Elu routers then it will be built of sturdy stuff. Also, does anyone know if the Elu is likely to have an induction motor on it?
Given that i only have a small workshop (12 x14ft) am i better going for a new but much smaller style like axminsters mb9020?

I have to make up my mind today/tomorrow at the latest so comments welcome!




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12 Feb 2010
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Formby, Merseyside
I had the model prior to the Elu you mention. It was originally sold as a DeWalt. Mine was bought second hand and gave me good service. Only problem i had was its appetite for rubber outfeed rollers. This is not unusual, and they are easy to replace and I believe still sensible in my price.
A new 8 x 6 may seem attractive, but it will not take up much less space,and I doubt will be as well made unless you pay a lot more than the £150 . I would buy another if time was to repeat itself.