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Old age.


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10 Sep 2010
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Kirkcaldy, Fife
Hi Dick,
I do indeed play the (acoustic) guitar, purely for pleasure. I saw Stefan Grossman in concert a couple of times in the seventies, when I was a student. Listening to his albums and studying his style is basically how I taught myself to play. It also turned me on to Rev Gary Davis ( maybe he had some Welsh blood in there, with a name like that :wink: ).
Sadly, I never got the chance to see him perform live.
I suppose the perfect marriage of interest in the guitar and wood work is to build them. I intend to do so one day. In fact, I have one part finished from a few years back, sitting at the back of a cupboard somewhere, waiting to be finished. I`ve been diverted by the spinny world lately.
Had you upset your pooch before taking his picture, he/she looks a bit annoyed :wink:

No, he always looks like that. We`re the perfect partnership: he, the angry young man; me, the grumpy old man. :lol:



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12 Aug 2010
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Mid Wales....just
Hello Ian,

It has just dawned on me, you live not far from my friend Peter. He is/was in Dalgety Bay.
Sadly he died yesterday after a short fight with the big C. So we will be travelling up for the funeral. Not the way that we wanted to see the area. But that’s life.

So, what make of guitar do you play; mine is a Yamaha FG335, about twenty years old now.

To think that thirty years ago I bought a Martin D28 for about £200, but didn’t, in the end, like the dreadnaught shape, or the narrow neck, and sold it to a friend.
Looking in a guitar shop the other day, they had a D28 hanging up, it was £5000.
Perhaps I was a bit hasty? It was a lovely sound...the folly of youth.

I too used Stefan’s playing, and later, some of the guitar tutors that he made, as a way to learn. I have a guitar nearly finished as well, it just needs the bridge. But ‘life’ got in the way. It will be my first project when the workshop is finished.
See below how far I had got....err, thirty years ago.


Look forward to hearing from you ...... as long as you want to, that is :)