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Old age


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30 Apr 2021
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New Zealand
I am kind of the same boat Ian. None of mine have shown too much interest but a small ray of light with the youngest.
In the same boat. No.1 son is a DIYer, No.2 son not and its my fault really. He would ask me to do things for him which I did but should really have invested more time in teaching him the basics and fostering an interest.
In the course of his career he moved to Auckland and bought himself a yacht and I was nó longer close by to undertake all the jobs that boat ownership entails.
His moment of truth came when he asked a tradesman to quote on some job or other which elicited the response 'Its going to cost HOW MUCH!!!?'
Since then he has the beginnings of a pretty reasonable tool collection and he's developing both the interest and the abilities to go with it. So there's always hope.

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