Oil can, non leak!


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Gary Huston

24 Nov 2021
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Can anyone recommend a non leak hand oil can? I’m fed up of clearing up a ring of oil wherever I leave my can. I’ve tried various makes but they all seem to have the same problem. TIA
dettol spray bottle with you giving the nozzle a wipe after use
I doubt it will work with thick cutting oil and it certainly won’t be directional, just a random spray, I need to put a drop in a hole being drilled or a drop on a tap.
Try your local ladies hairdressers, they use small, long spouted squeezy type bottles to apply "things" to ladies hair. I use a couple for oil and cutting fluid
Avoid the sub £10 oilcans from Amazon if my experience is anything to go by.
Nothing nothing big blob.
I think they're for oiling train wheels!
I'm interested in an oil free oil can too, must check out that brand. Both of the cheap ones I have leak, although I did manage to improve them by replacing their gaskets with some I made from a cork floor tile.
this is what I use, and it's refilable....or with ur own oil, a bit cheaper....

Or go to Super drug etc and get the same thing empty.....
In my 50 odd years of working in engineering I have NEVER had an oil can that didn't leak....
Got to admit to fancying one of those fancy US custom made jobby's....very smart...but I'm to mean...
I have a decorators small paint kettle from the pound store with around 6 drip bottles, all with dif oils....diesel, 80-90w, engine oil etc etc...keeps every thing tidy, they fit snug so bottles don't fall over...I have 3 of the above in diff places around the workshop....
Plus one for Reilang oil cans -- they just "work" and mine have never leaked, also work when inverted. Another plus if you have the facilities and the need you can make special nozzles to suit whatever you need
Something like this perhaps ?

250cc/500cc Hsp Rc Model Car Tool Way Filling Gasoline Toys - AliExpress
That's what I use, apply a bit of heat and you can straighten the tips.

If you're in Europe, the Reilang oil cans are supposed to be the LN or Veritas of the oil cans, lots of money, basically.
That's them :)
I have sympathy with the OP.
These are £££ but look great. I'm trying to work up my courage to drop £30 on an oilcan !
Sorry all, but there was one of these in the cabinet of my lathe when I bought it, thrown in there with a load of other stuff, some of which had nothing to do with the machine! Lovely oil can, had no idea they were that price :)