Oak Frame Construction


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Shed hermit

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16 Sep 2013
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Hi. I did a similar project last year with little skills and knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed it and generally pleased with the result. (Had a commission for a 12' one for the village so can't look too bad!)
Another book I would recommend is "Building the Timber Frame House by Tedd Benson" it has some excellent sketches and simple explanation of the joints (even though it is American style of building) I found this with the book already mentioned invaluable.
The other things I would recommend are
1. Bahco Superior handsaw (black, tethlon type of coating). The blade is of heavier gauge than standard handsaws and ate the green oak.
2. SDS wood chisels were great for when my wrist was playing up. I found I had to be careful not to get too greedy, but certainly helped with the tenons, and quite cheap so were a great investment for that project.
3. Visit, poke and stroke as many other timber framed buildings as you can, I found with the many photos I had taken really helpful.
And lastly Youube was amazing during those head scratching moments.
Good luck with your build and enjoy the green oak.