Oak flooring and bleach - not a happy mix


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20 Jan 2003
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Forest Row, E. Sussex
We have managed to stand a bleach bottle which had bleach on the outside on the new oiled oak flooring.

As you might expect the bleach has bleached the oak where it was in contact, thankfully not in a perfect bottle shaped ring, but in a pattern that looks like it should be possible to re-touch and hide in the existing grain pattern.

I will try and upload a photo later, but could use advise on what products and techniques might be most suitable.

My thoughts so far are;
It is an oiled finish, what prep do I need to make sure the colour can reach the bleached parts.
As the surface is not damaged, it looks like a paint on liquid colour would be more use than a coloured wax crayon, I am not filling a scratch.
If using a liquid how much would it bleed, or maybe better worded how to use / control the bleed
Are there 'felt tip' type products that might be suitable

I have plenty of off-cuts so can replicate the issue and practice before I tackle the real thing.
Reference to suppliers for any product recommended would also be much appreciated.


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17 Mar 2014
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If your oak is only oiled and not stained.

There is a distinct possibility that the bleach ( especially thick bleach - and it has been warm recently so would probably dry quicker ) has not penetrated very far at all.

The effect could just be a reaction between the oil and the bleach and a very small amount of the wood surface.

Before you get pulled into colouring things etc. Assuming you have some of the original finishing oil.

Sand and oil two offcuts. Leave them to cure for a few days. Then treat one with the bleach overnight.

Scrape the damaged offcut until it is smooth, then re oil. Compare the two pieces after a couple of days.