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Numatic TEM390A M-Class fault


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Mead Camans

1 Jun 2020
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Hi all,

About three months ago I bought a brand new Numatic TEM390A M-Class workshop vac from Axminster. As far as I could tell, it's one of the most affordable M-Class vacs out there and I was impressed with the claims it made as well as the onboard power socket with the auto-start.

Today as I had it hooked up to my little Bosch 125 sander, it cut out and has refused to come back to life since. It's not something silly like the fuse as the onboard plug socket still powers up the tool, so I guessed it had overheated. After a phone call to Numatic, they basically said the same thing.

Is there something I'm missing here? This is the first time this has happened, and I wasn't running it with a full bag or clogged filter as the chap on the phone suggested. I opened it up and sure enough, the motor was pretty warm. It just begs the question why? It's a trade-rated piece of kit I paid near £400 for.

Had any else had this issue with this machine or similar? The silver lining is that it's still well within warranty, so worst comes to worst, I'll play that card.