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Norm web cam


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Don't know whether I want to watch anymore of this bloke really.

He comes on TV over here, seemingly in a big loop. If you miss an episode you can hang on and watch it all over again in a few weeks time.

Nobody works like him in real life do they? He never makes a mistake, never tidys up, always cool and calm. I'm dying for the time when he accedentally chops his finger off on the saw. Bet they don't show that either!

Never mind, a great inspiration to some I suppose!!



31 Mar 2003
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Maybe some of you people may remember Reg Prescott (kenny Everett) he managed to cut his fingers off every week and was a DIY disaster. Nearest I have seen to that in real life was a chap who came to work in a joinery shop after running a 4 sider. The spindle moulder he was on must have been alien to him and he earned the nickname of Dangerman Stan! Looked like Norm had a nice little belt sander there but as always it looked an impractical place to work because of lack of space! Maybe a comination machine would be of benefit ie saw planer/thicknesser and spindle. I used to sell them at one time and these days some of them are pretty good and can cost up to £12k for a top of the range one and a decent professional one for about £3 - 4K maybe a lot of money but a nice tool to have. Some even having tilting spindle moulders (saves on tooling costs but can cause excessive vibration on large rebates)


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17 Sep 2002
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Castell Nedd, De Cymru
Watched him tonight at 6 30pm (UK) it was 1 30pm with him he was clearly having trouble setting his jointer as he spent 20mins hanging over the outfeed end.
On tommorow (Thurs) aswell.
What was he making I could see french screens in the backround dunno if it was thoose?