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20 Feb 2022
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Hi All,

My Name is Dave, 32 year old from the Birmingham area dreaming of eventually starting up my own small side business as my knowledge/quality grows.

So far I have enjoyed tinkering on my own items but found myself wanting to do more, but I have decided to take it slow as I want to be able to put together some quality products before getting ahead of myself.

Pretty much the Title. I am new to woodworking and don't have much experience/knowledge apart from what I have seen on YouTube.

I am Mechanical Engineer by trade but started life fixing cars/heavy plant.

The reason I decided to join the forum is to hopefully learn as much as I can from people here in the UK, as the vast amount of videos on YouTube tend to be from across the pond and finding certain finishes etc. is not always easy for me to track down.

I have so far made two tables, one which is from the generic reclaimed scaffolding boards, with some legs I welded up along with some matching benches and the second project I am about 80% of the way through before I got stuck on the best pre conditioner/stain finish is my coffee table.

Hopefully I will hear from you all with any advise or comments on if you think I am doing things the wrong way etc.

All help is very much appreciated.


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Bingy man

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9 Feb 2022
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Hi Dave, just wanted to say hi from Wolverhampton- although I’m not new to woodwork I recently joined this forum to gain help and advise in cabinet making-not tried it yet ( confidence) so welcome - the main thing I like about this forum is there are complete beginners and professionals and hobbyists and d I y ers all helping each other. My way of woodworking is keep it simple but consistent and build up your experience as you go. Mistakes will be made but you will quickly learn from such mistakes and that will make you stronger. Good luck with your endeavours .

Austin Branson

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18 Jan 2013
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Ticheville, Normandy
Hello Dave, welcome to the forum. I was born in Ward End a long, long time ago! I can’t help a lot on finishes, I generally use oil based products. Best wishes, and good luck!

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