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I have just finished a pair of radiator covers (for which I am still looking for a cheap supplier of the brass grills in N.E. London?) but I am now unsure how to fininsh them, they are made from hardwood (I use a supplier who deals mainly with the window and door trades and am unsure what type of wood this is but have made various items skirting boards, architraves, and a fireplace from this wood it always machines niceley leaving not too much preparation to do before fininshing)in the past I have used sadolin stain (on the skirts and architraves) the last item I made (fireplace) I finished as follows:- 1-sanding sealer, 2-stain, 3-wax finish. Is this the best way to finish these items as they will be more or less in direct contact with the heat of the radiator?
Any suggestions I will be most gratefull for.
Thanks in advance. :)


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7 Sep 2002
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Not sure hardwood and radiator are 2 words that will go well together.

I've never done this before, I know usually these are just made up from MDF and painted.

However, I would think about oiling the wood, as it is a natrual product, and the wood will absorb the moisture from the oil. Might also be a good idea to re-coat it once every few months.

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