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31 May 2021
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I was watching this forum for a while now and wanted to share my build so made a topic I totally missed this section 🤦‍♂️. So I thought it would be the correct thing to do now.

I live in the south of the Netherlands and i'm 27 years old, 1,5 years ago I got an oppertunity to buy a house across the street and with current house prices going up I jumped on it and I was able to buy the place. It was trashed and overgrown. I removed all the green and started to think about how my new shop should be like. After some (alot) of Google Sketchup hours I got a design that I liked and started counting the peso's. Since i'm alone and paying everything the build wouldn't be finished in a hurry. Also I really like to over complicate things and build them my self, these things often do take alot of thinking measering and most of the time some money :).
If you like to see what i'm building a link is in my signature.
Most of my work would be in metal because I have most of the metal working tools already.

I started school in construction as a carpenter, when I desided to be a furniture woodworker I did that for 2 years at school but really feld it wasn't for me. Made the switch to mechanics, found a place that would take me on and let me go to school for it. Was a forklift mechanic for 4,5 years and after that I stayed within the company but switched to an other section as agriculture mechanic and had 4 more years of school. Now I nearly work 10 years at that place and absolutly love my work I mostly work on Fendt tractors, this would be work in a deticated workshop or onsite with a service van. We do allot of irragation machines so in the summer time when its hot and dry we run 150% to help the farmers with their irrigation equipment to water down their crops.
Currently my hobby project USA pickup is at a standstil because i'm building a new home for it, but that will be the first thing in when the shop is done.

Front of the garage, just finished brick work.

My 53 Ford pickup:

I'm constantly updating my build topic until i'm coughtup to were i'm now with the shop.

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