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19 Jul 2020
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I’m Simon just taken voluntary redundancy/ early retirement after 35 years of happy employment in IT and now need to fill my days pursuing interests that I never had time for before.

Welcome Simon. I retired a couple of years ago, but phased retirement. Initially working a three day week for a year, then full retirement. I was in an ultra stressful job, often working 7 days a week, really long hours.
For about a year after retiring, It was like Christmas every day. I just couldn't believe I didn't have to get up at 5AM. I could just sit and do nothing if I chose. No more deadlines, no more meetings. I still sometimes just sit in the sun and appreciate how nice retirement is and not take it for granted. You seem to have the right attitude, it's a new start, a new life!! You will soon wonder how you ever found the time to work!! :)