New lathe arrived today!

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Took delivery of my shiny new Axminster M900 this morning....spent all day bolting it firmly to my workbench (much reinforcing after the bench collapsed!) and gave it a test run.

I had a go at a bowl as I'd always fancied making one...its sooo much easier when youve got the right tools isnt it?!
I used the Supernova chuck with a screwchuck attachment first, turning the outside was a doddle....then came the bit I was nervous about....
I turned a dovetail recess and then reversed the bowl using the 50mm jaws that come as standard with the Supernova.

Much to my relief, it was rock solid. :D

The end result isn't anything spectacular and I definitely need a decent set of chisels, but all in all a very positive experience!

Also I've got my second lesson tomorrow - had one last sunday and made a simple spindley foot massager thingy. Managed to get several good digs in the process, but practise makes etc....

What a fab hobby.