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Sold New Kreg aftermarket bandsaw fence


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29 Oct 2020
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Langhe, Piemonte
I recently purchased a Kreg aftermarket bandsaw fence through Ebay. I live in Italy and the seller didn't post outside the UK so I had it sent to my sister-in-law in the hope I would bring it back when I next visited the UK.
In the meantime I found the iTECH fence for sale on Scott and Sargeant with relatively low shipping and had it sent to Italy.
If anyone is interested in the Kreg I can have it sent on by my sister in law, I paid £70 plus postage and would hope to get back a similar amount.
It was described as;

Bought in November last year for a project but never actually fitted or used. Box has been opened but everything within is unopened and unused. I only got as far as looking through the user manual.
It looks nice and solid and would make a great addition to any bandsaw!
Cash on collection welcome.

and the images were of a clean box. It has not been opened since receipt.

My eBay profiles are paulr5591 and paulr5590, feel free to look.
If anyone is interested please let me know.
This was the original listing