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24 Aug 2002
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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that an updated version of the forum rules is now online. Please take a moment to carefully read them and if you have any questions please contact myself or one of the moderators.

The UKworkshop forums have grown tremendously over the last few years and we thank all of you for being a part of this growing community.

We aim to provide a friendly community for woodworkers of all ages to share tips, ask for help or advice and to chat to other woodworkers.

In order to keep the forums running well and to prevent problems, please follow these simple rules for the forums here. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact myself or one of the moderators.

(1.) No swearing or posting of "adult" material!
UKW wants this to be a forum that all your family can enjoy. When posting a message please remember to keep it clean - swearing and the posting of offensive or “adult” material is forbidden. Replacing some of the letters with a * or any other character is not acceptable. If you must swear then please replace the whole word with ******* .

(2.) No offensive material
UKW expects members to behave respectfully and not to personally attack or be abusive to other members. ‘Offensive’ is a pretty broad term, but we think you know what we mean. This includes any messages or material that are ethnically, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive, insulting, or demeaning. It also includes messages that are harassing or threatening to others. In other words, if you wouldn't like it said about you, don't say it about others.

(3.) No political discussion
Over the years there has been one subject in particular that has caused a few heated debates on the forums and that is politics. For that reason political discussion or political comments in a thread are not acceptable.

(4.) No Piracy
Discussion of illegal activities such as software, music, video & DVD piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.

(5.) Advertising:-
Advertising in threads is strictly prohibited. If you wish to advertise on UKW we offer banner space for companies to advertise their products and services. Please email charley @ ukworkshop.co.uk for more information.

  • (5.1) Any advertisements or promotional materials of a commercial nature are prohibited.

  • These forums are not the place for you to advertise your own product or company. You also cannot post any affiliate or referral links.
    Linking to your or other woodworking websites is allowed as long as it will benefit or prove useful to other members. Linking to a post on another group or forum is also fine.
  • (5.2) Commercial Avatars
    Using a commercial logo as an avatar is allowed as long as you are a representative of the company and you use a static avatar, commercial animated avatars are not allowed.

  • (5.3) Signatures
    Linking to a commercial website is fine, provided the link is a static, plain undecorated URL and that you are a representative of the company. You may include a short description about who you are including your name and the name of the company you work for. Again this must be in plain undecorated text and must NOT contain any slogans, prices or any information on the products you sell or services that you offer.

    A link and promotional text for a site that is not commercial and does not contain products and/or services is allowed.

    There is a very fine line in what we class as blatant advertising. The UKW team has the final say as to what is an acceptable signature.
  • (5.4) Items For Sale
    Once established as a member who contributes to the forum, we will allow private individuals to post that are looking to sell or buy an item. The thread must have FOR SALE in the title. As items move quickly within the forum, a member can bump such a thread back up to the top just once.

    Members may not promote their own sales that are on other sites such as eBay.

(6.) Avatar size
The maximum avatar size is 140x140 pixels. Please make sure your avatar doesn’t exceed this size.

(7.) Joke Threads
Jokes should only be posted in the off-topic forum. Please remember and be aware that not everyone has the same sense of humour and a joke you may find funny, might insult or cause offence to another member. This makes it extremely difficult for the moderators as we want to keep everyone happy. We will edit or delete any joke we feel that may cause offence to another member.

(8.) Warnings and Bans
Warnings and bans are not to be discussed on the forum.
Such matters shall remain private between the moderator and the user. Questions or comments concerning warnings and bans will be conveyed through e-mail or private messaging.
Likewise, discussions regarding moderator actions are not permitted on the forum.

If you have questions regarding a post or thread, please contact charley @ ukworkshop.co.uk

We reserve the right to monitor the forums and delete or edit any postings that don't adhere to these rules. Any member who breaks the rules will be warned and if necessary banned