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20 Feb 2004
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As the cable is bust, I'm using my mobile hotspot and communicating to my iMac via wi-fi.

Puzzle No 1
I'm assuming that the mobile must act as a DHCP server ? Anyway, my Mac has an IP address of

But I can't access what I would have thought was the server at either or .0 That's Puzzle No 1

Puzzle No 2
Now to transfer files from my mobile to my iMac I usually fire up an app called WiFi File Transfer Pro. While using my mobile still as the hotspot in the background, if I fire up the Wi-Fi transfer app on the phone, another network appears 192.168.178.x (on the mobile) and I CAN access that from the iMac and transfer files from mobile to Mac. But surely the IP address should be in the same range as in Puzzle 1 ?

Very confused


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22 Jun 2015
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If your phone is acting as the hotspot it will have a DHCP service running and it sounds like that's all working as in your PC has an IP address and can get out on to the internet at large. Your mobile will have to be running whatever service your PC is trying to access it with and open up the relevant port(s) e.g. Samba, FTP, HTTP etc. Chances are your phone hotspot wizardry is just that and doesn't run any other service(s) for you to access like your BB router might do.

As for the extra network appearing with your WiFi transfer app - that's likely just down to how it works i.e. it creates a temporary wifi network to get the files shuffled over and possibly even using Bluetooth to do the initial setup to get the devices talking to each other. It's all about how the code-jockeys have implemented their functionality. I wouldn't worry about it and be thankful it's working!