Mitre Guides. Bangood Drillpro and UJK technology

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21 Mar 2017
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I have had both of these mitre guides for the last 2 years for use on my table saw and router table. On the router table the guide sguide slides in a standard 19mm T track. The saw has a sliding table and I have clamped the guide bar into one of the 2 slots.
UJK technology. Current price £100 but this includes a fence and flip stop. Axminsters own version of teh guide only is £41[visibility_search][=][0]=1&
The finish on the UJK is very nice but that is where it ends. Clamping it into the mitre slot meant making custom brackets but the real issue was the accuracy. The angle is set by a parallel pin int holes spaced around the semicircle and then locked by tightening the handle. The problem is that there is just too much slop in the fit of the pin in the holes which gives around +/- 1 degree movement so you have to check everything and manually adjust. Not what I would expect from a precision guide. The fence and flip stop work well
The Bangood drillpro is available in 2 versions either £27 standard or £37 with brass fittings. ... rehouse=CN
There is no fence or flip stops but these are also available from Bangood. The guide fitted straight into the slots on the sliding table and tightens securely into place by simple tightening the expansion screws (normally used to adjust the sliding fit in a T track. Initially setting up the guide is more awkward, but once done I havent had to readjust. The angle is set with a tooth which locates into notches around the circumference of the semicircle. This is really positive with no movement . The guide is then locked by tightening the handle.
I generally try to buy UK manufacture or designed product but not here. The Drillpro beats the UJK one hands down. Massively cheaper, more accurate, allround just a better product


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14 Mar 2013
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i agree with the quality of the Drillpro mitre, I have 2 and they are used in my router tables and on the big band saw. Overall, I have found the stuff on banggood to be of high quality, especially compared to some of the stuff available here at a reasonable price. This goes for the metal and wood working kit they sell.