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Just wondered if anyone had an unusual stories about how they go about getting wood. What about me ? well
I got into woodcarving a couple of years ago but was unable to find where i could by some Limewood which is great for carving so said all the books,although you could carve almost any wood. Anyway i found this geezer on the internet http://www.woodbypost.fsnet.co.uk/ in England
and as i was planning a trip home anyway i decided to kill two birds with one stone.I told one of my Daughters to my wifes amazement that she could come with me for the weekend to see her Nanny and Grandad etc providing she took the BIGGEST suitcase she could find and off we went with no one any the wiser.The day before we were coming back to Dublin i legged it out the house with the BIG suitcase to go and meet Paul the wood geezer at Hammersmith Broadway tube station and when i got there there he was with a suitcase full of Lime thatll be forty quid he said it was then i spotted his jumper and a little light came on in my head(well it was a little blue light if the truth be known) i quickly put the wood in the suitcase, looked around to see if anyone was looking, handed him the money said evening all and jumped on the tube back to Highbury

On arriving at the City airport the next day my daughter kept saying whats in the suitcase dad, its er a present for your muvva i said . Ahh thats nice .
I put the suitcases on the conveyer belt thing and waited for the woman to say something but she didnt of it went wobbling down as i watched it out of the corner of my eye,then just as i turned around to answer my daughter there was this almighty crash as 40 kilos of wood slammed onto the conveyer belt,people were running for cover, diving on the floor etc. I just put my head down and went for a cuppa.
When i got to Dublin there was both of the suitcases home safely, strange thing though they were covered in some sort of airport tape :roll:
Done the same trip 2 on another two occasions, and last year i decided to take my van ......but thats another story :wink:


This is the only place ive recently found so far although i havent bought from them yet http://www.lisnavagh.com/timber/products.html though once i move into my new house tomorrow i could be calling in on them pretty soon

I will continue to do biz with Paul though anytime im in London cos hes a nice geezer and very cheap,and as long as he doesnt appear in my rear view mirror we will have a great friendship 8)

Cheer Steve Now back to the packing :(


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23 Jul 2003
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Kildare, Ireland
A long way from the City! But then again not as long as London!! :wink:
Thanks Steve :D


An hour tops CYC in my little van providing i dont get stopped
Right thats it no more posting must pack boxes before wife comes back from Tescos with more else i will never get to live in Kinsealy with Charlie Haughey as me new neighbour

Cheers Steve