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missing table saw parts


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23 Feb 2011
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Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
I wonder if anyone can help.
I have received a second hand table saw but the only problem is it is more like a contract tablesaw but also has the blade guard and the anti kickback device missing and also any manual.
Does anyone have any ideas how to go about finding or making these safety parts of the table saw.
Sadly i have no makers name on the saw or identification marks otherwise i would have been able to go back to the manufactures or to find a spare part web site. Any suggestions apart from sending it to the tip would be greatly received.
Thanks Tim

Steve Maskery

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26 Apr 2004
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Hi Tim
The riving knife can be cut from gauge plate (also called ground flat stock or tool steel) and its shape will be determined by the particular mounting points on the saw as well as the diameter of the blade. It would be helpful to have the original as a template, but no matter, make one out of cardboard or backing board and when you are sure it is right, cut it out of the steel. Just make sure that the steel does not get hot or it will harden and be impossible to work.
Don't forget that the RK needs to be thicker than the plate of the blade but thinner than the kerf. This is likely to be 3mm for a standard blade and 2mm for a thin-kerf one, but check first.
As for the guard, we are having this conversation on another thread right now. I have a home-made SUVA-style guard and a magnetic stand-alone guard. You can see earlier versions of both in this video:
Updated versions of both are detailed on my latest DVDs, just follow the link in my signature.

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