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Mini Benchtop Workbench Workholding - Vice vs Holdfasts!


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20 Aug 2019
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Hi there

After reviewing the finances, I have decided to stick with my dining table workbench at the moment instead of building a workbench from scratch as originally intended.

But the dining table is too low for me to do dovetails or any kind of detail work (tried it, my back is killing me)

So I have decided to use a small pine laminate I have lying around to make a benchtop workbench which sits on my current workbench. This way I don't have to shell out for new wood at the moment and make use of scrap lumber I have lying around and work a bit more ergonomically.

Issue I have now is to decide how I want to hold the work?

most of these benchtop workbenches have a moxon vice, which I don't really like. But good quality QR bench vice cost upwards of £70-£80 (both the cast iron face vice kind or the other kind where the cast jaw is very small and a wide wooden jaw has to be installed)

On the other hand, there are holdfasts (either make my own - which I have, or buy from Workshop Heaven) and drill dog holes and do it the old fashioned way

I already have a good QR Record 52 1/2 on my large bench and I intend to keep it where it is.

Anyone been in this situation? If yes, what would you recommend?

Thanks :)

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