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Munty Scruntfundle

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22 Sep 2019
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Hi folks.

I have a small Seig SX4 variant mill (Axminster) which needs some attention, the table was rubbish from the point of delivery, I have a strange negative nod problem, the spindle needs reassembling hopefully with tapered bearings and I'd like all the ways grinding in. It's a total disassembly job and rebuild basically.

You might be wondering if I might be better off getting a different mill. The problem being I'm in a wheelchair and this is the only size of mill I can use. I could order another mill but the only place I can find this mill is Axminster and it might arrive just as bad as this one, so I'd sooner pay to have this one sorted out.

I've approached a couple of large reburb companies but they either think it's too small to deal with, or they can't justify the repair costs for the value of the machine. I have been past the details of a lovely sounding bloke up in Halifax who is considering the work, but he's a log way from me.

So, does anyone have any contacts or any leads for the Lincolnshire area who might be willing to take it away and have it fixed up, or work at my place? It's a reasonable sized workshop and I'm pretty well tooled up.

To be honest I'm happy to speak to any company who'll take it on and I have a budget of a few thousand. Obviously reputable people who will do a good job!

Any ideas folks?
Many thanks.


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6 Jul 2015
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Blue Diamond machine tools (near darlington) are the one the very few I've only ever heard overwhelmingly positive reviews of.
I can understand your position, with this being the exact machine you need, but I think a full geometric rebuild is going to be pretty eye watering. If I were you my first port of call would be buy a new one from Axi and at least try it. You're protected by distance selling regulations so if it is rubbish you can send it back as not fit for purpose.

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