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4 Jun 2022
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Many companies do hold downs that run in T track, so I wonder what level of force would be needed to pull the track out its slot, overcoming the fasteners 🤔 Certainly not enough from a simple hold down. You would need considerably more than that, and then given its rigidity and its multiple fixing points i wonder what would give first, given the pull force you must be be talking about, what would give first, the track itself or whether the T slot bolt would rip through the thin edges of the alloy..

I wonder is in this seemingly hypothetical reasoning, if posters are taking into account the use for T track in an MFT type bench. where the use of the track is to accommodate workstops, to hold the guide rail or component at different angles, and not as some sort of clamping area to put hundreds of kg of downward force as in a glue up type scenario as was the type of thing myself and Deema were referring to it for.

Maybe UJK and others should do some pull out tests with different materials and fixings.

It would be interesting to know what the track could take, obviously a lot less than the clamp you show could give.