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Metabo KS66 (and family)


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20 Jan 2004
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Have had this circular saw for a while now and had chance to put it to good test, here's my thoughts should anyone be in the market for a decent saw.

KS66 features.

Very solid base plate, adjustment mechanism, and twin locking tilt feature.
Adjustable vertical stop.
Smooth blade guard.
Thin blade as standard.
Motor overload protection.
Good ergomonics - particularly cable handling
Reasonably quiet (it is a circular saw!)
3 year warrantee.
Electric Brake.
Oiled, all metal gearbox.
Made in Germany (not china)
Big kit box.
Option to use metabo non-slip guide rails

Top of the range models come with twin locking side fence. All 66 models have the mountings for a twin locking side fence (but only come with a single fence). I have modified my fence (using the old fence from the previous saw) to allow twin locking. This makes for VERY accurate ripping, considerably better than anyting with a single locking fence.

verdict: if you want a saw that bit better than Dewalt etc but not the full mafell/festo then the metabo is well worth a look. I have been using it to rip 2.5 x 12 boards, and cut 2 x 1 rebates in 5 x 2 recently and it works effortlessly. The thin blade cuts very fast with no motor strain whatsoever.
The twin locking side fence allows deep rebates to be cut on site to 0.5mm accuracy in a fraction of the time taken with a planer. A quick pass with the sander cleans the faces.

You could park your car on the kit box (its that tough - not your usual flimsy crud). Plenty of room for blades, tools etc.

I wouldn't buy another circ saw without at least a twin fence and metabo overall feel. The three year warrantee is an excellent bonus.


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