Makita bo5021

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Got this 5" ROS delivered free today on B&Q 20% off paid nearly £72 for it .It came with a pretty thin manual (but its a sander it sands things :lol: nice speed chart in the back) a nice cloth dust bag(with a nice tight seal),front grip and 1 abrasive disc .Could not resist a quick play with it :D . Wacked on an 80 grit AD and headed for a rough ole bit o p"@e max speed ((has 5 speeds) not as noisy as my old bosch) after a short time it smoothed it out quite nicely and most of the dust was in the dust bag :shock: . Then i put on a 240 grit AD selected speed 3 and tried it out on an offcut of beech ,very nice finish indeed, silky smooth.Even on close inspection the surface of the beech looks good no squiggles here . Only slowed when you apply way too much pressure .All in all a real bargain ,seen a lot of 6" ROS but for half the price almost you get a real nice 5" piece of kit like this . Would have even paid full price for it (hammer)