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29 Oct 2019
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As most know dust management is high up on most lists nowadays and I have just spent 500+ on a M-rated extractor for our in-house joiner and the unit is great as its mobile. We have hooked it up to a cyclone in his small work shop so he should be fine now.
My own domestic setup was very basic using a cheapo hoover and I kept changing bags forever so decided to up the system a bit. As much as I wanted to buy the 500 unit I still want to stay married so got myself a NILFISK. Initially I thought I could throw in a M-rated filter to keep things really clean but that turned out to be a no-no. A bit of thinking got me to buy a seperate filter and then 3D print a fixing for it to sit on the exhaust air (see pic) so I now have my M rated unit at a much lower price :) . So far so good. The Nilfisk have electic pick-up too which is great for the Mitre saw but as most of what I use is 18V I realised I need a way to kick start the unit so I have solved this by buying a remote controlled plug in socket and added a plug in bulb trigger it, light on and extractor starts - bingo ! (You need a bulb of some ommph ie LED is no good). Overall happy with this setup (and the cyclone) and its flexible enough to move about.


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