Luban Chinese Block Plane

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Limey Lurker

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16 Sep 2006
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Nope! I am in a battle with my ex girlfriend. The bimbo used title theft and common law so I am feeding lawyers and just about earning my law degree. The same bimbo burned 5000 dollars with of CITES pre ban timber collected over thirty years. If a woman does not respect your shop and shop time———RUN!

The good news is I have connections all over the world. There are Four wadkins in storage in England. Only I know where they are. And English law will not require me to cough up the location!

Can it be fixed? Maybe. If not, my Amish buddies will pour a new one. It’s grey iron so they would use class 60 grey iron. It would require me to make a new pattern set but I am cool with that.

it may be able to be brazed or I can use a special rod and technique cited by the other poster. Bottom line is I have options.

I've never liked brazing on granular iron surfaces: I would prefer to grind a "vee", and then bronze weld.