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Looking for link support for new site.


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21 Jul 2019
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West Calder
Hi folks, I am a new member, a woodworker from West Lothian, Scotland. I have been a general joiner for around 17 years now and have decided I want to change things about a bit and start making and selling furniture online.

I have had a website built and I am looking for links to my site that are relative i.e. links from places with prospective buyers that may be looking for or are interested in what i have and do. Unfortunately the search engines will need to see links to my site in order to rank successfully.

I have had a few ideas although there may be people out there who might be able to help and actually want a link to my site from somewhere. Maybe some of you have had similar needs with your sites and could suggest to me ideas? Thanks for any help you can give me, I look forward to communicating with other people in similar or same industry as myself.