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Taffy Turner

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24 May 2004
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The Land of My Fathers
Hello Everyone,

Well, I am back from my holiday at long last, and have spent the last three days catching up with the mountain of work that was waiting for me (not least trying to catch up with all the unread posts - you lot have been busy in my absence!!). :shock:

I was skiing in Colorado, which is a wood lovers paradise, as just about EVERYTHING is made from wood. While I was there I called in at this place to have a look http://www.highcountryfurniture.com, and fell in love with the log furniture.

We are having a conservatory built over the summer, and not being a fan of wicker furniture, thought that I might have a bash at building some log chairs and a log settee to go in there. I have had a quick search round the net for some plans, but so far have drawn a blank. Anyone got any sources of suitable plans?

Also, in Colorado, most of this type of furniture is built from Aspen, which is not available over here. Anyone got any ideas for a suitable local alternative, and a UK source?

I was contemplating buying a drawknife to do the round tenons, but then I saw that Veritas make some cutters to go in a drill to do exactly this job (can't find a link at the moment, but they are available from Craft Supplies), so I have stepped back from the steep and slippery looking slope for the moment. :D


PS - Well done to the boys on the Grand Slam - I was travelling while the game was on so couldn't see it, but my faithful Sky + box sucked it out of the ether and stored it for me (I was sweating in case we had a power cut while I was away, which would have fouled up that plan!).


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26 Feb 2003
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Herefordshire, UK.
Hi Gary,

The boys did well. In fact, very, very well! :D :D

Aspen is a light weight timber and is the North American equivalent of English poplar, with pretty much the same qualities and characteristics.

Sorry, can't help you with a source for it, now. (Some years ago I felled and had felled some 80 very tall poplar trees - up to 3ft. dia. at base - but couldn't sell them - no interest because there were not enough! So I had a good log pile and used a lot, but the timber is certainly not very durable when left in the open air).

Freshly felled, poplar contains an extraordinarily large amount of water - stand a 6ft. log on end and you can actually see the water drain from it!

Suggestion for an alternative - the round fence posts and rails, usually 4" dia. and also available in half-round, sold at farming supplies stores. Small cost for what they are - you could probably have a conservatory full of log furniture for fifty quid. Don't know what it would be like to work though, I've only used a sledge, hammer and large nails on it! But might be worth a look.