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lesson learned


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Injury Update,

After Leigh so profesionally rescued me from the jaws of the aforementioned evil bandsaw she wrapped my fingers in Savlon activeheal which is for bleedin wounds.

This stuff has extract of seaweed in it and gels under the bandage to provide a protective layer.

Well this mornin i was feelin no pain so i thought lets take it off and have a look. Remarkably it has completely scabbed over and i can type with it as normal...........might even risk the lathe tomorrow.

So as i have shares in a major chemist i can thoroughly recommend you invest in some for your 1st aid kit.

Probably struggle a bit if ya lost ya arm..........but worth a go.

Regards from a fit and well Aidan.

P.S. might phone the vatican to see if i can get listed as a class two miracle then i can charge for people to see me wound.