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Lazy susan


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3 Dec 2015
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marcros":l9rep6ug said:
The wood is unfinished so is generally grubby. There are various markings, some are branded on, some are paint. Any suggestions on how to clean the grubbiness without removing the paint?
Soap and warm water and the gentle attention of a toothbrush can do wonders.

Adding some white spirit to the water is often a help if there's any greasy grime, but I generally prefer to clean with the two solvents separately these days. And there's no telling how the old paint will react to WS.


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11 Feb 2011
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novocaine":qquj6eb9 said:
The nails are quite possibly original, especially with a cut head.
give it a gentle wire brush to knock of the worst then leave it alone. a coat or 2 of matt or satin will make it good enough to eat off and hold all that nasty grime in.

if that isn't to your flavour take a head on shot of the lion and I'll see about making you a mask so you can repaint it after you've removed it. :)

for me I think I'd have made a fake barrel lid but I can appreciate your dedication to authenticity. :D

now all you need to do is find some big balls and a base. :)
no, they are new wire nails, all shiny and silver. if it wasn't for a bit of black staining, I would assume that the eBay seller did it to hold it together for the photo.

thanks for the offer of the mask, I am going to try the suggestion of some soap and water to start with but I may get back to you.

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