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Wanted Lathe, chuck and chisels job lot wanted


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12 Feb 2010
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Hatherleigh, Devon
I'm in Formby, Merseyside and I'm interested in a smallish lathe:-
- Something that I can lift on and off my bench. 12" bowl capacity and 18" between centres would be perfect.
- I don't want something with variable speed as I am capable of moving a belt between pulleys but not fault finding and fixing an expensive electronic speed control unit.
- A simple chuck is a must
- Some chisels would also be needed, I'm guessing large and small gouge, skew and square end scraper. I already have a curved scraper, parting tool and a chisel I've ground to profile for cutting the dovetail rebate for the chuck jaws.

I'm guessing some of this might fit with an owner who is upgrading in size. If there is anything out there please send me a PM.

Thanks - Colin