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kity spares after Scheppach take over.


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16 Sep 2003
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After the recent purchase of Kity products by Scheppach, Scheppach have taken over the spares for Kity and NMA Agencies have been appointed as the agents for spares in the UK. However, because this takeover has only just happened, neither Scheppach nor NMA have any spares or details at the moment.
Scheppach are making the necessary arrangements to get into the factory and obtain the spare parts and then subsequently pass those on to us at NMA..
This process is due to take place over the next 3-4 weeks or so but in the meantime for any Kity users wanting spares etc, if they want to contact us by post with the details of what they require with any part numbers and their full address details, we will deal with them as soon as we can.
Kity users with Warranty claims need to do the same also, but at this time the warranty arrangements have to be set up with ourselves at NMA and Scheppach.
The time scales quoted are very approximate and we at NMA and Scheppach are trying to get things sorted out as quick as possible and make all the necessary arrangements, however, delays do happen and I hope that Kity users wil bear with us until we can offer them the items they require.
As for future sales of machines, at this moment in time there are no plans to bring any machines into the country until at least early next year. As to what colour or name these machines will bear, we have no details yet.
Hope this helps out Kity users and other interested parties and if anyone has any further problems or queries not answered here then please ring us at NMA Agencies ltd on 01484 400488.

Richard one of the menatnma :D


Don't need anything at the moment, but reassuring to know that me and my bestcombi are not totally adrift