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jonny boy

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8 Jul 2005
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South Yorks, UK.
good afternoon all, i have recently sold a 419 and bought a supersaw and would like to take this opportunity to give details about enhancing the quality of your 419. i changed the saw to accept a 250mm blade simply by removing the arbor and re-drilling the hole about 20mm further back from the origional one and re-fitting the arbor. you lose the riving knife and guard but gain an 80mm depth of cut. i then realised that i no longer needed the 4750rpm suited to a smaller blade and knew that i could scrape up some extra torque from the motor by gearing down. i changed the motor pulley for a 60mm dia. and had to buy a slightly shorter belt but the outcome was my best ever modification to date. the blade ran at 3300rpm, i fitted a 40 tooth series 60 dewalt blade and can promise you that the extra torque generated by gearing down felt like i had changed the motor for an extra horse. a great modification for any 419 that has expired its warranty. cheers, jonny.